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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

I don't even know where I'm at.  I know I want the money I'll get from going to work today.  I've been telling myself I'm building up to my schedule, but I'm not.  I'm feeling slightly motivated, but really low-energy.  I'm not giving up.  I am acknowledging an area that needs work.  Now if I can get up the energy to work on it...

I painted my nails last night for the first time in ages.  One coat of translucent light blue.  I can barely tell it's there.  But they feel different.  Just the one thin coat of tint and I can feel the difference in weight.  It's pretty cool.

Why do I have the most and best knitting inspirations when I'm utterly broke???

Made a new friend who seems pretty cool.  Ahh, the internet, cause of and solution to so many modern dilemmas.

Had a nice visit from Scarn last night.  I fed him creamy lemon pork over rice and it was good.  We watched Something, something, something, Dark Side while we ate and giggled at the wrongness.  Tonight I'm going over to Cass's place to knit and watch movies. And beer was mentioned.  Not too much.  I have errands tomorrow, one of which has a time of day limit, so I need to get up at a reasonable hour.  

So ready to go back to bed.  Here goes;
work ----> China
work ----> China
work ----> China


Finding motivation at this time of year is like herding cats.

You're doing a great job to have found any! :)

You can do it!