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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

all apart

Having reexamined my impulse to DoSomethingRightNowOMG!!, I find myself back in the planning phase (it's a big phase) of going to China again.  I have a growing suspicion that one of the people I had been considering a main ally inly reads the first and last sentences of whatever email I send her and misses the bulk of what I write.  I'm going to try one more time to meet with her and see if/how much she can help me.  It might be time to move on.  I did a bit of research last night and found a program that looks legit and costs about a third of what some other sites are charging.  I also found a web ring for Americans teaching in China that outlines what kinds of things to be wary of when negotiating a job contract, housing, etc.  That will be invaluable.  More research will be required.  Now that the fugging holidays are behind me, maybe I can get my shit back together.  I was doing really well there for a while.  

Anyhow, the next step is to begin raising money for the program and plane ticket.  These are not small numbers.  I need to round up about $1000 now, and another $1300 or so later.  To that end, I intent do knit until I can't hold the needles.  Hats and scarves mainly, and no colorwork that isn't yarn-contained or basic stripes.  Hoyce assures me that his Jayne hat is a big hit and I should make more of those to sell on etsy.  

It almost makes me sad that I can go to another country and get a job that pays better than in my own country.  $40-$60K, with free housing?  That's like bumping up to start at $50-70K right off the bat.  I can get my loans paid off in record time with that much cash flow.  And it hasn't escaped me how grandma, the conservative Republican would rather have me fuck off to China (a place reviled since her childhood) than participate in the fucked up system of debt in the country she loves so well.  I've considered pointing this out to her, but I don't think it would matter a lick.


Jayne hats do well on etsy :) I'm also happy to commission you, though admittedly since we don't have a lot of free cash, their numbers will be small. But there are lots of toddler items I don't have the patience to knit, and Druid's not up to with skill level yet. Am happy to pay you to "make it go". :)

Will duly put out money-attracting vibes for you. If you reach a point of requesting commission work, I'm happy to pimp you to my flist. While most of my friends knit, there's the occasional non-crafter on my list!
(((hug))) thanks!
You're welcome! :)