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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

cashing in karma

*big fucking sigh of relief*

My loving sister sent me money for the holidays, as did grandma and stepfather.  My stepfather is the kind of man who deals with emotional turmoil by throwing cash at it.  He saw some of what mother put me through, and has lots of guilt about lots of things, so with this being the first Christmas in 9 years that I've been in contact with them, he sent me a large sum.  It made him feel better.  I don't have much emotional attachment to him, but I am glad for his guilt.  Now I can pay my rent!  

Yesterday was a really good day.  Lots of little things lined up and made life easier.  It was very nice.  I was sad to discover that the office girls can't bring themselves to say the word 'orgasm', and worse, I'm fairly sure one of them has never had one, doesn't know how, and doesn't expect to find out.  :-(  Sometimes I still consider becoming a sex therapist.  It still amazes me how little people know about their bodies.  They'll starve themselves to fit into a size 4 to look good for a man, but then not enjoy having sex with him.  It's just sad.

I planted a packet of seeds that came with the Tori "Beekeeper" album.  The ones that sprouted are thriving despite being on the sill of a frosted window.  One seems to really like it and has gotten huge in the last week.  *shrug*  Like most living things, they're not doing what is expected of them.  And that's ok by me.  It makes me respect them a little more, even.  :-)


Woooot for cash incoming. :)

Sad panda. Seriously, I wish more people were in touch with their bodies.

YAY for seeds growing. :) Always amazes me that they know exactly what to do.