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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

actual update

I feel a lot better today. Although I was tempted to be productive and run errands and exercise yesterday, I was smart and just let that extra energy go towards mending. I have been sort of lost in the apartment all week. I have had knitting projects, a good book (if a little over my head historically), netflix, Tink, laundry, etc. Yesterday I had a very pleasant visit with Scarn who showed me this website for a conference held every year where bright people get together and try to make the world a better place. It's full of reasonable, sound arguments for hope. That's something I'm not used to. We listened to several people speak about ways they see the world and how perspective determines a lot. The site is www.ted.com. It's pretty inspiring, but in a down to earth, logical appeal to goodness way, rather than a fluffy, sunshine up your ass, wool over your eyes way. Refreshing really. Anyway, it's fuggin cold out there. I so want to crawl back in bed with Tink, slide my feet into the warm spot she made for me, pet her head while she snuggles up to my belly with an awkward thud, and fall asleep to her purring contentment. Sadly, I have already missed way too much work and cannot sacrifice more for simple comforts. There are errands I need to run, and t'would be easier to run them today than tomorrow, but who am I kidding. I would lounge the day away for leisure as I have been doing the rest of the week from illness. Now that I can and must leave the house, the abundance of Me activities...this train of thought derailed by a fucking migraine. Oh, goody.  I havemy  quarterly menses this week in addition to being ill.  Period means migraine.  Fuck.  So I have to wonder, is it physical, or is this a call beginning in the deepest pits of agoraphobia to stay in my safe cave?  The bitch about psychosomatic ails is that it's difficult to tell the difference.  Causes independent, I have a migraine.