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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

sofa king bored

Spent all the time in bed that I could this morning. Now I can't tell if this heat wave I'm experiencing is internal due to fever, or external due to thermostat wars in the building. The downstairs neighbors aren't from around here, and I think they have never had to pay for their own heat in a victorian house. We have control of the thermostat for the whole house. They keep complaining, both to us and to the landlord. It's at 70 now. Last year we kept it at 66 all winter and everyone was fine. Are they not taking the necessary precautions of say, closing the storm windows, blocking drafty doors with a towel, and wearing sweats? Or are they just too lazy and abusing the not having to pay for heat? I'm pretty sure they're not from this area, so I have to assume the former. Maybe they just don't know. Maybe I should get off my sick ass and go talk to them.

I'd love to read or watch a movie but between the heat and my sick I'm not sure I could focus on either.


Hope you feel better.
I am pretty sure it is illegal for a landlord to rent out separate apartments that don't have their own heat. Are you paying the whole heating bill or do you split it with them?
We don't pay for it, the landlord does.