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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


I have made commitments and decisions. Hopefully I can commune with the universe (or other new-agey terms) and draw the strength to follow through. And I have to be mindful that while a decisions has been made, I have not yet been accepted to grad school, and must keep working this job (one I disparage more harshly than is probably warranted). The program is very expensive. I will have to bust my ass to get my shit together and keep it there. I did come up with a kickass thesis for my entrance essay and plan to begin working on that this evening.

The roomies and I watched a television version of A People's History of the United States. Yyyyeah, so most of it was new information to me, and that makes me feel ashamed. When I was in grade school I just consumed what my text books told me. I was supposedly in a special program intended to make some smart kids think critically, but when I asked questions, both at home and at school, I was referred back to the books. Well, Adam has a copy of the book A People's History, and I started reading it last night.

Most of the knitting projects I needed to get done are done. :-D Now I can go back to Mandarin in my spare time. Oh, and getting my shit together to apply to school. I need to call and set up appointments to talk to the departments (it's a dual degree) and financial aid office. Goody.

And yet all I want to do right now is cuddle back up with Tink (who is very cutely snuggling with Melvin bear) and take a nap (despite having only been up for an hour). I put a foot stool up to the bed for Tink to climb up and down to/from bed, but she hasn't figured out it's there for her. My sweet, silly girl. I'm going to have to get her new dishes. I only heard recently (thanks, sistahraven) that they hate it when their whiskers tough the sides of the bowl and prefer shallow dishes. And I've noticed that she comes to tell me she's starving all to death not when her dish is empty, but when she's eaten all the pieces that could be gingerly eaten from the middle.

Haven't heard from grandma for a few days, thank goodness.

I miss some persons, but not people. I'm not out of hermit phase yet. I did go out for dinner and a birthday party last week, which felt like a lot. I had a great time both times, but I admit to considering skipping them out of habit. I'm glad I went, but I'm also glad to have had lots of cave time. I want more cave time. I believe I'm coming out of my pothead phase. I think I learned what I needed to. I'll probably do it once or twice a week still, but I'm done being high all day every day.

Signs of age appear on my arms in the form of tiny red spots. Some are not so tiny. There is no pain or elevation or itching. I asked my primary care doc (Dr. Hottie) about them and she pretty much said it's genetic skin coloration and it's just going to be there. They're multiplying. I don't want to be old! I don't even have a career yet! (But I'm thinking foreign relations/diplomacy.)


When you get in, do whatever you can to look for funding. Having someone else pay for grad school is an amazing thing.
Don't feel too ashamed - most citizens of this country have no idea of its history. Such is the way of humankind. Without seeking knowledge beyond what most people are fed, you'd never know most "common knowledge" is wrong. Just look at how many people think Paul Revere saved our asses, instead of riding 1/5th the way and getting plastered in a bar instead of doing his job!

I can very much relate to missing persons, but not people. Hermiting can be a nice break from usual habits, and is something I enjoy frequently. :)