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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

soon, it all be over

I am so done with this semester. I just wish the semester was done with me. I am doing the take-home final for a class I hate and tomorrow I have to come in and take the same final in a group. Silly mortal professors. They should have to come to NERO and NPC so I can beat them with plumbing once grades are in. That should be THE LAW. So as I sit here at work-study, I take comfort in the fact that I am being paid to have to sit in a cement room with no windows and do my test without being distracted by how beautiful it is outside and thinking about my hunnie suggesting boffing outside tonight. *sigh* Tomorrow afternoon, it will be over for 3 months. I can read what I want, finish my charachter history for my secondary, hopefully work my little ass off and make some money, or just take a nap without having to think about what homework I should be doing, and wether it's a good idea to go to NERO with a final on Monday. And I wish it wasn't so bloody cold in here. Boss says it's cold in here all year. I just have to remember that the sooner I finish the take-home-final from the depths of the shadow-fiend's bowels (had he them), the sooner I can get paid to watch a movie. That means I should stop bitching about it here and go do it. Talk atcha later.


Good Luck with the final!
Thanks. I'll need it. :-)