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led astray

January 2013

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Decisions make me panic. I made a huge decision over the last couple days. Oh, boy! Sylvanstargazer, true to form, talked me through several hours of near tears of anxiety and helped me stay at work. I don't think my arms are big enough to give her the size hug I want to give her. She is also loaning me a GRE study guide! I sent emails to a couple professors asking for recommendation letters. I got one back within an hour with a list of things he needs to write the "best possible" letter. Lublin rocks my academic world!

Oh, wintry mix, how I don't want to walk to the bus stop in you.

Last night Tink was acting strange. Normally when I get home from work she's all over me for attentions and foods and loves. I came home last night, she jumped off the bed and ran to hide in the closet, and did so every time I came in the room. I didn't find any "accidents" that she would be ashamed of, I hadn't done anything to her. When I went to bed she seemed to have forgotten the whole thing and was her sweet snuggly self. That did nothing to help my bad feelings. My adoring girl who has to sleep touching me hid from me. I know she's old and not so bright and we're pretty sure she has some minor brain damage, but it was upsetting in my already fragile state.

We need to seal up these windows. It is fuggin drafty in here.


::big safe hugs to you::

and ::big safe hugs to Sylvan::

The vet tech in me is curious if Tink has been eating/drinking/pooping differently lately. I wonder if she may be feeling ill.
she did spray recently, but only once. She's over whatever it was and wanting loves and pets and snugs all day. *shrug* Her is a special girl.
She's definitely special. Something wrong with her wiring, but she's a wonderful, sweet girl. :)