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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

what were these boots made for again?

It snowed. It was going to sooner or later. I know it makes me a bad hippie, but I was enjoying the global warming that made it nearly 70 in December. I need boots. I have a couple pair. One fits well but is water absorbent. The other pair is way too big and rather heavy, with little traction, but waterproof. Perhaps this month's extra paycheck will go towards new boots. But then I feel guilt about not paying friends back long owed money. Stupid money. :-P

Tink has recently displayed behaviors indicating that she's not getting enough attention, but doesn't want to leave my room. We are willing to give her attention, but not always in my room. I try to lure her up on my chair to my lap, but she gets to the middle of the living room and then runs back to my room to get pets there. I don't know what's spooking her. She is old and it's winter. She loves laps in winter. Maybe it's arthritis? She does make effort grunts when jumping down from anything.

And the looming question; is grad school a worthwhile investment, or a way to rack up more debt that I can't pay when I'm done? And if it is worth it, narrowing down an area of study would be helpful so I can at least look at programs. But no, today I'm going to stuff a few hundred envelopes and listen to music while half hearing conversations I don't care about, with an occasional friendly greeting. Last week I was amazed when one of the girls looks over and asks if we know anything about Buddhism. ! So I spent the next half hour trying to sum up my minor, and they were surprisingly receptive and interested in what I had to say.

A friend once told me he would rather be remembered for loving too much than for loving too little. I believe I agree, consequences be damned.

One more day of knitting and my shawl will be done. Stupid responsibilities. The blanket is coming along nicely. I'm almost jealous. I want a blanket this cozily-smooshy-soft! hehehe

When do I get my stretch of countryside and my herd of fleece bearing animals to take care of?

**edited to add: Oh, good. My guts are launching a protest. I think there might have too much oil consumed in the last couple days.


I think grad school is a good investment if you are looking for a degree to strengthen your career options. i.e. teaching. Otherwise it's probably more trouble than it's worth. :D
I'm thinking Mandarin. Or human sexuality. But Mandarin probably has more usefulness.
See if Tink is only hesitant for living room pets when up. If she'll accept pets on the floor of the living room, I'd assume some level of arthritis or muscle issue.

That expanse of countryside can come any time now. I really need to finish my novel and get it to editors/publishers/agents. Then we can make our millions and get the frick out of here. :)
If we move towards her (or in any other way) she thinks we're going to follow her into my room.