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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


I want to clean today, but the roomies are still asleep. It's 9:30am, which to me is when I want to start doing things. As the day goes on I will have less energy and motivation, so I hope they wake up soon.

Tink went from really happy to prety pissed this morning after getting brushed and then Advantaged. *shrug* When she wakes up from her next nap I bet she will have forgotten.

I used to make shitty coffee. Then one day I watched Alton Brown do a coffee episode of Good Eats. Now I make a great cup of coffee. I learned most of my cooking skills from the Food Network, and I'm none too shabby.

It's good I'm not dating, as my arm pit hair is still novel and I'm not ready to let it go.

I'm taking the day off DDR. My legs are like jelly and need a day to recoup. I've been good about stretching before I play, but not when I'm done because I'm too tired to do much beyond sit. I'm in a section that I've been doing better using one foot to hit all the beats and one to balance on in the middle. I'm shy about jumping and hopping because we have people below us. I do it at reasonable hours and try to do the lightest of toe taps, but soon that won't be enough. I just don't want the neighbors to have any cause to complain.

I haven't been good about studying this week. I've been knitting like crazy.

I started to watch Hedwig and the Angry Inch yesterday, but then groceries came home and I made the promised breakfast for dinner. Hoyce couldn't find baking powder, so while the "biscuits" were tasty, they had the consistency of dehydrated pudding. (This is why I don't bake often, that whole science bit.)


Maybe ask your neighbor when would be a good time for DDR jumping. Might be anxiety inducing to ask (though you could leave him/her a note), but it will also let him/her know you don't intend to be an inconsiderate upstairs neighbor.