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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

work, meds, yarn

Yesterday didn't suck. Yay! I was supposed to meet with a couple people at school, but both bailed. But in the evening I got to hang out with Scarn and give him his B-day present (a book of mock-tail recipes).

I'm in a pissing contest with the clinic to get refills added to my not abusable meds. It's been going since Wednesday. It needs to be solved TODAY. As in, I'm OUT of the substance that keeps me safe. It has a short half life. I like feeling safe.

I'm in the slog portion of the blanket and Heartbreak Hill on the graduation shawl (that I need the needles from to do a commission job). I still wish I could make a living out of crafting. But I have this whole life thing I have to support. *sigh* I still have serious job angst. I should be thankful I have a job that keeps a roof over my head. Some of my friends don't even have that. Boring is simply not bad enough to complain about. I've worked much worse jobs for much less money. I have to see this as progress and stick it out for a while until something better presents itself. Damn I don't want to go in today. Havetohavetohaveto! It's just this and just that. I have plenty of excuses. None of them trumps the need to eat. Part of healing means being responsible. Being responsible involves doing things I don't think I want to do so I can get the reward I want (money). The weekend is just about here. I can knitknitknit all dang weekend when I am not getting paid to be somewhere else, not knitting. Oh, jeninmaine, I both bless and curse you for showing me how to knit. ;-)