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led astray

January 2013

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the ability to choose

It is moments such as one I had last night that really make me appreciate how and why marijuana use is beneficial. The short version is that I have trouble making up my mind about Everathing. A lot of this comes from a dread of being wrong, being not right, or wasting time with something that won't be good enough. Well I had a moment of clarity. Everything I do is worth my time except for the time spent agonizing over how best to spend my time. It gives more weight to a motto I came up with over a year ago; Do Something. How am I bettering myself right now? The only way to get it right is to try, fail, try again, repeat. It makes sense in my head.

I need to go to the Apple store and see about my ipod.


I have a fortune cookie saying on my monitor, "Many a false step is made by standing still."

It's my version of Do Something, because it's so very true, and how I've missed so many wonderful opportunities. If I cannot step forward, even onto a not-good path, it means I'm not finding if that path was a great one.
It's hard to break. Dissociation is the way I adapted to many a hard time. I know intellectually that it's no longer adaptive, but the nature of habit is that we don't think about it. (((hug))) Thanks for your support during my hermit phase.
You're welcome! I live in a mild hermit phase all the time, so it's all good. I understand the mindset, and the benefits :)