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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

black what now?

The last post was left via ipod (which now has a crack that grew to reach all the way across the screen). I did lots of laundry yesterday and made some experimental chicken. It was ok, but I think it's one of those things that will be better tonight. The blanket is 5 inches long now and I can see I need to order more yarn. Also started a lacy scarf for little sis, got a couple inches and then discovered why I've been having lace troubles. I knit and watch TV, taking my eyes away from the pattern. When I bring my eyes back, turns out I'm not always on the same line. Note to self: snatch some sticky pads from work. Yeah, I have to work today, but it's a great big mark in my favor, as only about 1/4 of the staff will be in and I'll be doing a job someone else usually does all day. I'd explain but it's even boring for me to think about. Anyhow, along with my regular paycheck, I'll be earning brownie points with the bosses. :-)

Side note; physical changes. The celibacy thing has seen brought more than mental changes. When I realized no one would be seeing me without clothes, I stopped shaving...my armpits. It's soft and long and strange. There's hair where there never was before! It has even changed the smell of my body odor there (less acidic, more musky). That's one of those things that is so ingrained in our culture that I'm almost embarrassed to write it here. But it's entirely sexist (yeah, I went there). We don't expect men to shave their pits. But if a woman even has a couple days of stubble, we get grossed out. I long ago got over shaving my legs. This is just one more way I find to live against the current, and not even on purpose. What is so nasty about armpit hair on a woman? People react as though they were looking at worms eating a corpse. My own sister, who was kindly enough when we were in school to pop my back zits, was revolted when I told her about my pits. I have friends who think Amanda Palmer is pretty...except for her armpit hair. I'll probably shave it again come summer and tank tops. Then again, maybe by then I'll have started to really like it and never shave it again. *shrug* Take that, sex life! hehehe