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led astray

January 2013

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the road to the real

I fight a losing battle. Yesterday I fought on 2 fronts. Let me first clarify that I prefer to call myself egalitarian due to the ire some people feel when they hear the word feminist. And because the assumptions and gendered role expectations I struggle against aren't just beating women down. Men are also victims of sexism. Y'all know me. Some people know me less well, and trip over my buttons, pressing them accidentally. an internet friend (one of 2 people I only know via internet) compared me to a "damsel in distress." So I chewed his ass over IM for an hour or so. I calmly explained why I was upset, which led down the dark path of feminism. I pointed out where his feelings about women colored his "science". Highlights include him laughing in all-caps when I told him that science was skewed based on gender assumptions, him telling me his grammar was correct when I pointed out that a neutral made him assume male, and him eventually getting do fed up he called me sexist because he believed that I was only getting on his case because he's a guy. I'm not sure if we're still talking now. About that time I had to vent to sylvan, who likes to egg me on during my feminist tirades. hehehe
Then the battle shifted and came in closer, when some of the lovely ladies I work with explained their view of partner suitability, in which they couldn't possibly earn more money than the man they marry because they would lose respect for him and not consider him a "real man". This also went on for an hour, during which I did my damnedest not to just call then idiots. I did call them medieval, but I don't think they understood. I was livid by the time I left work. And I know I shouldn't take it personally. But they acted like I was insane! I even had to explain that what they wanted was a particular arrangement with a partner, and that they had filled this role with a "man" because they like dick and not because a man is the only person who can fill that role. Ultimately, I feel like I wasted lots of time and stress over something I can't really change. But then Paladar came over. We got stoned and watched Deadwood after some yummy pierogies.

(The rest is in the cut because it's too early to fight with technology.) But I retract a little of the poison aimed at Webs. My yarn showed up yesterday. :-D I started big sis's baby blanket in light blue and yellow tweed. So adorable! This is one of those days I'd rather stay home and knit. Ok, that's most work days, but it's heightened today.