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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


I went to school yesterday to meet with the guy who spoke to my Mandarin class. He's really sweet and reminds me a lot of Scarn, but Columbian. This meeting was way helpful. I stayed in the busy Campus Center after a terrible T ride for 2 hours, and if we hadn't been tired and hungry, we probably would have stayed longer. I finally have answers to a bunch of questions I've had for a while, from the various grammatical uses of the word 'le', to ipod apps, to how to solve the potential meds problem of being in China for a year. I have a lot of research and studying to do, but I am feeling really good about it. :-D

Tink got her first dose of Advantage last night. She was none too pleased, but it wasn't nearly as bad as her bath.

I have my replacement phone and it works...mostly. I save all my numbers on my SIM chip. But the phone isn't reading it thoroughly and none of my numbers appear in my contact list. *sigh*

I ordered yarn for the small number of gifts I'm making this year (mostly older sis and family). I haven't bought yarn in months. It's really more exciting than it ought to be. :-P


I have a crap ton of yarn I should just give you. Maybe after I graduate I'll have a de-stash party. :D
I won't turn it down!