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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

political rant

Ok. This is a letter I wote to my sister tonight in response to an email she sent me containing a "discussion" she was having with a former friend about the Presidential debate. I do not claim that all of my comments are Truth From Above. I may have even gotten some things wrong. But this is how I see things. Sorry if this offends anyone.

I am so sorry, my sister. I am sorry that there are people so ignorant in this country. I am sorry that there are people so blinded by thier right-wing, counter-intuitive dogma that they believe that Bush is a good man looking out for thier best interests. Gay people getting married does not hurt them. Bush cutting the funding for thier children's schooling so he can build bombs that other countries are not allowed to have does. There were weapons and drugs in schools before prayer was banned, and individuals can still pray in school, they just can't force other people to listen to it now. The statistics on the employment rate and the economy in Clinton years are just plain wrong. You were there for that, right? I was. Everyone who has to do any kind of actual work for a living is underpaid. Bush created a few more jobs...jobs that pay well below the average cost of living. Amanda may qualify for WIC, but isn't that because she chooses to be a stay at home mom? Don't get me wrong, I'm not against that (we pay people to take care of our kids while we work, so it is work, but mothers can't get paid to do this work themselves??), but isn't the republican president supposed to work out a way for men to make a "living wage" to support a family so the woman can stay at home with her brood? He hasn't done it. It hasn't been that way...ever, despite the stigmas attached to working women and/or single mothers throughout the history of this country. Many of the arguments I saw were very Christian-centric, and i'm glad they have a stance, however, there are people in this country who are not Christian, and many Christians who realise that thiers is not the only oppinion that matters. With this in mind, laws are made to protect us and our rights. What does a gay man getting married have to do with anyone else? And the ACLU is not against Christians. It is against the forcing of Christian dogma down the throats of those who don't want it. It protects us from conservatives who would take away our first ammendment rights. Did these people even watch the debate? Bush wouldn't even answer some of the questions! He tried, unsuccessfully, to twist what Kerry was saying at every turn, and if it wasn't obvious that that was happening, then people were not paying attention. And that was just the foreign policy debate. I can't wait to see the domestic debate to see Kerry mop the floor with Bush's domestic record! now I know I didn't have to rant about this, but as you said, it ruffled my feathers. I know you are in complete agreement. I am sorry you know so many of these people. Move North. Where a single mother who thinks for herself isn't written off as a traitor to her country. I love you. Please don't let these people shape your view of the world. There are good people who think like you do. You just have to move North.

Anybody but Bush.



You Rock!

You're awesome! Now if only your sister will say that to her brainwashed "friends"!

Miss you

Re: You Rock!

Thanks for looking! Yeah, I thought about doing a line by line rebuttal of all these fuckers said to my sister, but I didn't really feel like beating a dead horse any more than the 10 minutes it took me to write that. And some of it I couldn't even grace with a response.

I miss you too. (((hug)))



I'm less rah about Kerry than I am rah anybody but Bush.

Lick Bush in '04!
Interesting, BTW I added you as a friend this is My LJ AKA William, I know odd Avatar but that is me undr all that.

I see you!

Who else could it be under there?!? hehehe And I only know one dyztort! Hi! (((hug)))