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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


Yesterday was good. I need to work on will power. Just because the roommies are having Chinese doesn't mean I have to get Chinese food too. I've been horrible about eating poorly again. Weed and willpower mixed together create a suspension, not a solution. I was doing well, but like so many things, I didn't see immediate progress and decided (quietly and subconsciously) that denying myself the things I want (cookies, chips, pizza, Chinese food) wasn't worth the couple pounds I was down. Rice cakes help. It's hardest when the roommies eat bad stuff and when nothing is prepared. But of all the things I need to take care of, my body needs to take highest priority. I do need to eat less junk. I do need to get more exercise. I can feel my age, and I'm not that old. It's hard work to do things that just 5 years ago would have been effortless. There is no valid excuse for me to not be taking care of myself. That's always been a problem. It never seemed important enough to distract me from other things. I was fine. Young and dumb and fine. Of course, I didn't think I was going to make it to 30. When old age doesn't look like an option, it doesn't matter what I do to my body. So this is my next project. I've gotten going to work down, my room is relatively clean, I'm 4 months celibate now, I could be better about studying, but I need to develop the habits of body to live the rest of my life better.


The trick is: when roomies get Chinese food, eat some of the healthy options on the menu. Chinese food often has some good options!

Healthy habits are often best picked up one at a time, and in bits and bobs. Adopting easy little things one at a time adds up more quickly than you'd think! :)
Yeah, I do try to do too much at once. (((hug)))
*hugs* I am right there with ya with the food thing. It's always been a struggle.

I recently went on a vegan fast for 21 days. I couldn't wait to get back to coffee and pizza and ice cream and nachos. And a week or two of "the old way" of eating has shown me without a doubt that I can't continue to eat that way. I am not saying I'll never eat those things, just that I have seen how much healthier I feel when I DON'T eat them and therefore I can hopefully be more judicious about when I do indulge - and do so less frequently. Food is such a crazy thing. :)
I find it harder to eat healthy than I did to quit smoking cigarettes. I'm surrounded by bad food constantly!
That's the thing - you need to surround yourself with healthy options. (you know this :D) I was astonished to learn how much this really helps. If someone else is eating a Bad Snack, it's so much easier for me to just go get a Good Snack so that I can be social and feel satisfied, etc. My recent kick is rice cakes with some kind of nut butter and raisins on top. Or apples with nut butter. Or just apples. Or a decent trail mix with raw nuts. I know nuts are fattening.... but they're way better for me than my absolute downfall - chips of ANY kind. :)

Hang in there! :) *hugs*