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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

Back at work. Skipped out Monday work and yesterday school and spent time with my Home and my Love. It was much needed resting together time, so I don't feel much guilt about it. Nothing was due and I don't think I missed anything that I can't get from the readings. Now I just have to focus on those 2 papers I have to write before the event.

I'm excited about the event. I have some long-due roleplay scheduled that Issy knows about, and some she doesn't, which will be a bit harder to play as natural. But I dropped a lot of cash on a new sweater that's made of something called alpaca, which is supposed to be soft as cashmere, durable as sheep's wool, and warm as an oven. I went for a long sweater-coat that will come down to my knees and I can put the NERO utili-belt over it. And it has buttons unlike the last sweater, so will stay closed when I have to tear through the woods to hide. Or when they find me and I have to fight.

Have to stop thinking about NERO and do some frikkin homework!!!


Alpaca's are like Llama's, only smaller. Ask Chandra! Craftsman: Llama Herder



I didn't realise the forest had llamas! lol

Re: whoa

LOL! Well, it's not all woods in the forest. There are some clear areas surrounded by forest. :)