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led astray

January 2013

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yarn thoughts

 I go through phases when I knit. Right now I'm in a small yarn phase, mostly working with lace and sock weight yarns. I've had bulky phase, thick and thin phase, bamboo phase, cable phase, orange phase, variegated phase, stripes, solids, etc. I'm learning about which yarns are good for which projects the hard way, by making things with yarns not suited to the project. Most recently, I went through my stash and found some Malabrigo lace *drool* and thought I'd make myself something small and nice for everyday luxury. Well, as much as I love all natural yarns, it turns out that a little nylon elastic goes a long way when things need to retain shape and bounce back. And as sad as it makes me, the Malabrigo lace was not the right choice for fingerless gloves for office work. I think part of the problem is that I like universality. I want everything to have multiple uses and forms and interchangeability to adapt to my chaotic flow of ideas. Another part is that I put a lot of demands on my clothes. Durability is a key component I expect. Lace weight yarns are naturally not going to be sturdy. But I love them, so what can I make that can put lovely lace weight to good use, but won't need a survival instinct? I didn't know tiny gloves for office use would need to be resilient. I see gorgeous lace shirts and imagine how they will hang after a few hours, stretching in some places and bunching in others, loops pulled on some random thing. I want to wear them, but the way they look in the pictures, not how I imagine them after train, bus, and office chairs. Perhaps when my graduation shawl is finished I'll move into another phase and it won't matter again for a while.


I can very much relate. Finding the yarn for the specific garment can be tough.