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led astray

January 2013

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kitty emergency

I love Tink to pieces.  I just don't know if i can deal with her bodily inconsistencies anymore.  She threw up on Hoyce's bed last night and he's none to pleased (who could blame him?). This is far from the first bodily episode she has inflicted on the apartment as a whole, but it may well be the straw that broke the viking's back.   Maybe I'm not the best person to take care of her in her Autumnal years.  Fuck.  I don't know what to do.  I can't afford a vet.
Oh, yeah, new news.  Got a call from a collection agency.  Seems Mclean really wants that money.  *sigh*
Fuck, I'm overwhelmed and tense and really negative right now.


*hugs* poor Tink and poor Hoyce.

http://www.healthlawadvocates.org/tools/publications/files/0001.pdf is what I looked at when paying off my bills.
Thanks. (((hug))) I set up a reasonable payment plan with them. Their CS agent was very polite and helpful, which I didn't expect.
McLean can harass you for the money as much as they'd like, and sell your debt to whatever collection agency they want - if you can't pay it, you can't pay it, and as it's a medical bill, it will *not* show up on your credit report. It's not a happy solution, but it is an option. Also, please remembe that ANY collection agency cannot call you more than twice per week. Any who ring your phone more than that, you can report to the Mass. Attorney General (you can do so online, even).

If you can pay, awesome.
Thanks. I think I can cover the plan we made. It just means that paying my friends back will be sloer than I hoped.
I wouldn't take a cat to the vet just for throwing up unless they are doing it multiple times a day for multiple days. Cats just throw up. But it can be annoying to clean. Hope Tink feels better is less messy.
Thanks. She's not throwing up every day, but it was on my roommate's bed. :-/