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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

process (Tink)

 Tink had her bath, with lots and lots of help from Paladar.  She's still ma at me.  I only got 5 minutes of cuddles last night.  I don't think she likes the smell of the household spray that is all over my bed and blankets.  This, I believe, is her first flea experience, as she's an indoor bebeh.  We're not really sure how she got this case, but she did.  Lots of laundry and vaccuming left to do.  There is only so much I can do after work on a week day.  But the hard part is done.  I got hippie stuff, stuff I knew everything that was listed on the label.  A lot of them didn't have ingredients listed, and the "active" ingredient was some chemical I've never heard of.  I hope the natural stuff works.  In the aisle behind us was a line of dog hair care products that could be showcased at a salon, along with (I kid you not) cologne sprays and conditioners.  *boggle*  Really??  And the most awkwardly hilarious quote of the night was the clerk I asked for help.  "How many fleas do you have?"  Um, 327, but they're split up into warring factions with doorways as territory lines.  I don't know how many there are.  I haven't met them (is what I really said) or taken a census.  I'm not bombing my apartment unless it's as a last resort.  There are lots of avenues to try before that becomes a possibility.

It was nice to hang out with Paladar again.  Missed having her around.  She finally met the mysterious 3rd roommate and is slightly more convinced of his existence.  All I can offer by way of proof is that his third of the rent shows up regularly.  There was Deadwood, as well as burritos.  

Today the company is buying my team Thai food for lunch.  Score!


In all likelihood, she got them because another cat in your building has them, and they migrated through the floor/hallways.