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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

un guh?

 I got up ass early this morning to go to class.  I haven't been right since.  I went to class and all, but on the way I fell asleep and almost missed my stop on every one of the 4 modes of transit I took to get there.  Criminy!  I had even gone to bed early last night.  I had a regular breakfast, sans coffee (and that might be what did me in).  When I left, I was supposed to go to the pet store for my girl, but I decided that since they're open until 9 and it was not yet 1, I would go home and take a nap first.  Nap failed.  I got up for the necessaries and I'm still dragging ass.  It's now 5.  I have no energy, even after a cup of coffee and lunch.  Maybe it's the chill in the air and the early darkening of the sky.  I have a second cup of coffee now and finally figured out that the language website (which is awesome, if geared to a younger audience) doesn't run in Chrome, but does run in Explorer.  I think the plan revision has me going to the store tomorrow as well as all the tremendous amounts of cleaning I was going to do today.  All I have in me is a couple review lessons and some knitting.  It'll be another early to sleep night.  *And that doesn't make me bad.  I will still get things done in a timely manner, just a manner of slightly different time.