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led astray

January 2013

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It looks like several people have written about things I would love to read about.  I don't have time right this minute, but I will.  Probably tomorrow. 

I've been (with the help of sylvanstargazer) looking at and thinking about next steps, such as grad school.  Problem: I'm not 100% sure which part of my studies to concentrate on.  More decisions!!  hehehe  Of course, the program I am most interested in is in...Indiana??  Damnit.  I really like Boston.  I've carved a life into this city, and I'm not ready to leave.  There are other areas of study I could easily find in the area: religion, Chinese language, East Asian studies, etc.  But Univ. of Indiana?  Kinsey Institute!  I batted around being a sex therapist, but the way to do that is to be a therapist first and then specialize.  I don't think that's the right path for me.  Mandarin is probably the most useful jobwise (as in easier to get a job with that skillset).  I did enjoy Mandarin.  I had too much going on at the time (5 classes and a lead in a play) and something had to be cut.  Boston is a great place for language programs.

Yesterday I stayed home and played Sid Meyer's Pirates most of the day.  It's clunky and frusterating, but that didn't stop me from sitting at my desk for 7 hours playing it. 

Tink is upset that I'm going to work today.  She'll be even more upset later when I go to Star Wars from work. 


Have you considered theater-therapy? There's a school in NY which does therapy via acting in a theater. electronicangel (Irina at Alliance) was looking into that as an option.