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led astray

January 2013

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January 26th, 2013

led astray

last night

Last night my training and therapy failed me.  I failed me.  There was a push from my aunt and grandmother to get in contact with my mother, making it sound like she was on her death bed.  Turns out I'm a sucker and my grandmother is making shit up all over the place to do "the right thing" and bring the "family" back together.  Amid much inner turmoil, the crazy slipped in.  I severed, maybe permanently, what I had hoped would be at least a friendship bond.  I had not been doing a very good job cultivating this friendship to begin with.  So I spent the night texting with my mother and alienating a good person whom I have great care for.  Good times.  I can't wait to go to NJ next week and fuck off for a while.  I'll be back in time for my med doc appointment and that's right around when Mass Rehab should be getting back to me to work out my employment situation.  Things lost, things gained.  The world keeps turning.
led astray

(no subject)

Last night was stressey, but I was pretty chill about the whole mess today.  Until evening, but that's a chronic ailment.  In new med side effects my eyesight is blurry even with my glasses on now.  This one is a temporary stabilizer addition just until I improve my circumstances with jobs and the like.  Mostly the job thing.  Working on a smallish commission for the neighbor, though I may be sick of it for tonight.  Working on reading the rule book and creating a character for the Dresden Files RPG.  It's a long book with dense, intertwined concepts.  But there's a lot of party cohesion built into the game and it's even more co-op than D&D.  Tuesday looms close on the horizon.