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led astray

January 2013

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January 12th, 2013

led astray

3 days

The last 3 days I've woken up and checked the time at 5:13 am.  It's starting to feel like an omen.  The nurse practitioner suggested I take the Abilify in the morning instead of at night because this waking up at pre-dawn started concurrently with the start of the med.  So I didn't take it last night so I could take it this morning.  Still up before dawn.  *shrug*  I'm kind of sad there's no group on weekends.  I enjoy being out of the house and around people who I don't have to hide my condition from.  It helps immeasurably to know demonstrably that I am not alone.  I mean, I know it on an intellectual level, but it's different to be so vulnerable in a group of other people being vulnerable and knowing I don't have to explain or make excuses.   

Craft-wise I have to stick to unraveling things from the "didn't like it pile" and maybe spinning.  Jumping right back into knitting has made my wrist and hand hurt again.  I have to slow down.  But it's my best and most benign coping skill and It Makes Me Feel Worthwhile, so it's really difficult.  Yet another reason I need a job (in case I didn't have enough reasons).  Damn I wish I could make a living off this crafting thing.  Anyway, last night I sorted some old fiber that was tossed willy-nilly into a giant bag and unraveled the mutant sock and washed the fiber and it's going to be a hat for a friend.  I have this one pile of fiber that I dyed that, while I did a good job dying it, it hasn't been a color I'm eager to work with.  Until I paired it with a yarn I've had for years not knowing what to do with.  I'm learning to thrum and it's as though this pair were destined for each other.
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