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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

one down...

The title has a few meanings. One essay of the semester down. One refund check down. One laughable presidential debate down.

I called out of work today. I have been on the verge of sick for a couple weeks now, and I am thinking it's because I need the rest of a day at home. So here I am. E is here packing to go to HQ. That means the Captain and I will have dosturbing movies and mushroom night this weekend. Those are fun. I think next on the roster are About Schmit and Blue Velvet, though I am going to put in a vote for Belly. It's not as disturbing as most of the ones on the list, and is even inspiring at times, it's something that only Captain and I will enjoy watching.

E just left. He looked like he didn't really want to go, but I know he wants to go rip shit up with some plumbing. I hope he has a good time. The weather is beautiful this weekend. Part of me wants to call out the rest of the weekend and go with him, but I should go in and be responsible, especially since I'm going to be giving notice.

Think i'm going to go get a haircut today, since the ends are looking crappy and I can afford it finally. I'm gonna be a sweetie and clean upstairs today too and suprise my hunnie. Played some video game, but then felt guilty after 45 minutes because there were dirty dishes that needed to be done, and if nothing else, I should be doing homework. And crafts. Something. I might have to go back to my old rule about no video games during the semester. That way it isn't on my scroll down list of things to do.

And I am jolly about one of my classes. My Acting teacher makes us write journals, but I didn't know what the heck to write about, so I talked to her about it and blah blah anything about how I repare to play NERO would be great journal material. Boy, she doesn't know what she signed up for! hehehe


Real actual journals

kick ass. You will have fun!

I miss you down here. Now that the big meany is dead, you should come down when and if you can.

Re: Real actual journals

You might see me there next season, but I don't know about Issy. I was thinking it might be more fun to bring my sarr there. I have the winter to think about it. (((hug)))

Re: Real actual journals

that's right! I forgot. Rar rar! :) Even better!