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led astray

January 2013

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oh yeah?

end of day

I had a good day.  This afternoon the roommies and I went thrift shopping for costumes for bowling tomorrow.  I got a curtain that I have cut to pieces and glued together into the semblance of Maude's coat.  Then, hungry from our efforts, we went next door to the Sunset and got lunch and beers.  I had a Pumpkin ale in a glass with a ring of cinnamon and sugar around the rim, YUM!  Then I split from them and went to hempfest. It was ok.  It would have been more fun with more people I knew.  I walked around for a hour looking for a small group I felt comfortable with to smoke up.  Finally saw a guy who was wearing a brown cordery jacket that looked just like the pants I had on, so he and his friend walked with me for a while and we smoked.  I lost track of them in the throngs of people, but then I found a quiet shady spot and sat down against a tree with my notebook and pen and wrote a few pages of stoner ramble.  It was pretty neat.  I tried to meet up with the lady from the China trip but I didn't write doen the place she said to meet her and I wound up waiting at the wrong place and missing her like a jackass.  That's what I get for not writing things down.  Came home and started working on my costume.  It's coming along nicely, but I am plum tuckered from the day and I'm going to leave the finishing for tomorrow morning.  I hope other people had a good day too.