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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

still need

I still need to win the lottery so my chosen family doesn't have to bear the weight of poverty anymore! 

A while back I drew a bunny sitting on a hill.  Last night I defined it with colored pencils and oil pastels.  It's going over my computer at work today.  :-)  bunbunbun

Tomorrow is a MassCann (legalization) rally in the Common.  Prior to discovering this, my plan was to knit and watch people play CoC.  As Hoyce pointed out, what ever will they do without my knitting and smart-ass commentary?!?  hehe  So yeah, if you have nothing to do tomorrow, come out to the Common.  It starts at High Noon.  I know.  It's funnier when you're high.  And no matter what, I am not going to jail!  Yay, decriminalization!

Saw my PC doc yesterday.  She said absolutely do not take E on my meds (better than the med doc who didn't have an answer and told me it should be fine).  She concurred that taking it in pill form was considerably preferable to smoking it and that if it works for me, do it.  :-)  She gave me a warning that repeated use over time can worsen depression.  I assured her I know, and that when it stops being helpful, I'll stop using it.  A crutch is sometimes necessary when you're healing. 

By the by, pot + period = less moody period!

Sunday is Lebowskifest Bowling Partay!!!


Go knit on the common - it'll be fun :) The festival, I've heard, is usually heaps of fun.
I've been thinking about bringing my knitting. :-) Don't want to bring anything too delicate. I'll be in the park with thousands of stoners. Who knows what could happen to my yarn! lol AND it's talk like a pirate day!