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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


Yesterday was a bad work day but a good people day.  We need to update and clean out the internal servers, or just start over and make a system that doesn't chose itself.  I know nothing about how that all works, but the IT guy i got to help with the problem I was encountering had to go get the head IT guy, whose response was to acknowledge that something was wrong with it.  Rrrright.  But while I was waitingwaitingwaiting for the compy to respond to my seemingly simple demands, I talked a lot.  Again.  The girls in the room with me are both 21.  There isn't much we have to talk about.  I did notice that when J goes to class, I grows a personality!  There is a positive, caring, thoughtful being trying to claw its way out from beneath her sheltered youth.  But when J comes bacn, that person dissapears and is taken back over by vapid celebrity gossip and giggling.  What kills me is that she doesn't seem to notice the difference.  I could be way wrong.  I had a moment of outrage at something they said.  I really should just keep my headphones on.  A new child's toy is on the market.  It seems it's a baby doll that comes with a breast, so it can breast feed.  I thought, neat.  They went off on a tirade about how disgusting that was, thier children would never play with that toy, blahblah.  I tried to express how backwards they were thinking about it, as it's the most natural thing in the world and how out Puritanical history clouds our judgement of the human body, etc.  I may as well have been addressing newts for all the good it did.  And J went the extra mile and decided it might make a girl baby like breasts (gay), and she would rather not contribute to that sort of behavior in her child.  **boggle**  I put my headphones back on after that.  But I was pleasant to whoever came in and smiled and said hello.  No one seemed to notice I was getting almost nothing done.  Today I want to go to the thrift store(s) and see if I can pick up some cheap wall art for the office. 


I saw that doll. My thought was, "what's wrong with the nipples they have?" but I could see if you were out-and-about how it might help your child stay more clothed.

Frankly, I'm baffled by the reactions to it. I mean, I know, intellectually, that breasts are highly sexualized by a culture that can't imagine women's bodies *aren't* exclusively designed for men's sexual pleasure, but I still don't get why a toy that gives children something *they already have* and encourages them to use it in *culturally normative* ways flips people out. After all, isn't giving them dolls and training them to be parents already that creepy?

Then again, I also know that breast feeding was a normal part of life around me growing up than it was for other people. Even my brothers breast fed their dolls, even without special toys encouraging it.
The doll is a brilliant way of making natural parenting more natural, but the reaction to it just perpetuates the alienation that people have from thier bodies. It really makes me sad.
::boggles:: If breastfeeding contributed to homosexuality... ::bites tongue:: she realizes we're MAMMALS, yah?
I tried. I really did.