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led astray

January 2013

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someone called upon chaos to drain me

WTF?  I had the hardest time getting out of bed this morning.  I'm still dragging after breakfast, coffee, and vitamins.  I could go right back to bed.  But I won't.  I spent an hour making jello shots for today's cook-in(? hurricane and all).  They are the tasty, easy to have too much kind of dangerous!  Lime with tequila, melon with rum, and peach with a blend of old grandad, soco, and amaretto.  Basket of cheer officially put to good use.  :-)  And I'm going early to help with set up.  It's almost a shame residualentropy can't have any of the tasty treats I made, what with the bebeh on the way.  Fetal alcohol syndrome is for the fail!

Ok, I am officially addicted to coffee.  Fuck.  I don't even like coffee!

Stepfather agreed to bring little sis up for Six Flags.  I pretty excited about it.  I'm hoping he'll stay in town to see his son and let her hang out with me and my friends unburdened of a parental figure.  She will have way more fun that way.  And it's not like we're a bunch of kids.  We just happen to be a bunch of adults who like rollercoasters!  Wheeeeeeeee!  Zoooom!  Upupup!

Had a bored at work inspired email writing session.  Just one looong string of ideas that probably should have stayed in the realm of internal monologue.  I don't think it was hurtful.  It wasn't meant to be.  Mental status update for someone who isn't used to that kind of uber-personal form of communication.  Well, that's how I roll, head first!  Heh.

Tink prefers chilly weather.  It's so much better for snuggling up with mommy!


Which six flags visit will she be coming to? I'd love to meet her. :)
The 26th.