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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

free time

Well, it's been a while since I was here. Didn't know if it would still be working. Not too many people that I know read this, but hi if you do. School is going ok I think. One of my classes is going poorly, so I am going to take it pass/fail so I don't ruin my GPA. That's a new thought. A few years ago That would not have been up there with priorities. Funny how things change. A bit stressed about moving to the new place, even though it's gorgeous. I have to find someone to take over my lease starting in May. So far I have one person interested, so I hope she works out. I have to check the lease tonight, but I am keeping my toes crossed that there's not a 'no sublet' clause in there anywhere and that the whole thing goes over smoothly with the landlord. I should have given him more notice. On a brighter note, my bank account seems to be reproducing while i'm not looking. It says I have substantially more in there than my hand-written calculations. And everything seems to have gone through already, nothing is outstanding. The new place is going to be more money and less convienient in many ways for me, but I really want to be living with Eric all official-like AND have a place to keep my clothes. The kitties will have lots more room to run around (Tink will have more places to hide). But I will have to alter my already too long transportation to get to school and work, and pay more each month for having to take the buss and the train as opposed to just the train. I hope this place is worth it. Everyone else is psyched about it, and I guess I am too, but I think I am the only one with misgivings. The landlord is an asshole with more money than humanity and he gives us all the creeps. And he hates cats and is charging us more money for having them. But I am at work, so I should cut this off. I am full of things to say and no one to say them to. TTFN