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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


Ok, so I was watching some television tonight with my hunnie. We had just finished watching Emeril cause he's great, and the food network was left on. The unwrapped show that followed was showcasing roadside food tourist attractions. Kinda dull, but we were chatting. They pan to a building called someone's corn palace, which is redecorated every year with, get this, over 30,000 pounds of corn on the cob! Does this piss anyone else off? Is this not the epitome of excess? There are people starving in the streets of our own country, but we needed that corn to decorate a building!?! You fucking swine!


That is, I must say, a colossal waste. I still don't understand the idea of decorating with food in general. What's the purpose of showing we can glue food, or flowers for that matter, any where we want? I just don't understand the human impuse to cover things in other things that are going to start to smell bad after a day or two...
Not to fling nerdyness at ripshitness, but the problem with feeding hungry, broke people is usually getting the food to them, not having enough to give to them.

Around here, the local food banks and soup kitchens have more than enough food. They only tend to lack the ability to cook it all and feed it to people in a dignified way. Most of the money donated to them goes to building new facilities that are larger and easier to get to.

That being said, 30,000 pounds of corn on the cob is an awful lot.
There is a lot I don't know about How Things Work. :)