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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


I've had occasional repetitive dreams about exploring rooms in a house.  The house is always strangely huge, and sometimes it's scary.  I have pretty much decided (with the help of Scarn, Sistahraven, and Sylvan) that the house is my internal landscape.  There are forgotten rooms, scary rooms, mysterious wtf rooms, etc.  Last night, I dreamed about exploring underground tunnels, caves, if you will.  How clever of my mind to extend my waking metaphore to my sleep cycles.  In the dream I was alone.  The rest of the party (yes, I have dreams wherein there is an adventuring party) was taking care of something on the surface.  I was scouting ahead for an underground route to someplace we had to get to because there wasn't a safe surface route.  So I'm alone underground in winding tunnels and there were random little monsters.  Some other encounters happened in there that I can't recall.  The waking has drained some details.  My interpretation is that I've done some exploring in my house, but now I'm testing the foundations of the ground my house stands on.  At one point, I turned back around, intent on meeting back up with the party.  I woke up before leaving the caves or meeting up with the party.  Stupid alarm for stupid work.  :-P

Yesterday I flaked out on Sistah again.  Stayed home.  Did very little.  Even with my AC on high all day, it was too warm to do much but be a lump.  Did dishes and laundry in the morning while it was marginally cool from the night.  I had grand plans about neatly putting all my LARP stuff away.  Yeah, that didn't happen. 

This weekend is Caldaria and Legends, which means I will be pretty alone.  The plan is to write until my fingers are sore, then clean something in my room, repeat as necessary, sleep.  I'm actually pretty excited about it.  Just pesky work to get through first.


I love the metaphor in your dream - we're up top, keeping things steady on the outside, and you're cleaning house on the inside. Love it. :D

You're allowed to flake whenever you need to. Though I very much like spending time with you, I know you love me whether or not I see you in person frequently. We're good.
(((hug))) You're so right. I do love you!