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led astray

January 2013

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The last few days have been really draining.  I'm so tired.  But I have so much to do.  I stayed in bed late (8:30), but I don't think I got enough rest, even though I was in bed before 10 last night.  Today is responsible day a la laundry, cleaning, and bills.

I'm learning (the hard way) that good qualities do not make one a good person.  Talent, skill, and drive to not replace a warm heart.  Hitler painted flowers.  I expect people to be inherently caring, and I always get upset when they're not.  But I don't want to live believing that people are inherently callous.  But I suppose we're all a mix of compassion and cruelty.  Are there just too many people in the world to care about everyone on some fundamental level?  I really don't think so.  There is something underlying that connects every human to every other human and every speck of dust, careless thought, and random action.  At this base level, I believe that everyone has some value.  But damn, do we cover it up with asshattery! 

If you read this, have this in mind for the rest of your day.  Make one person outside of your normal routine smile.  Someone you don't normally give a shit about.  A store clerk.  A customer.  Make 1 person you encounter have a better day having met you.


I care about everyone on a baseline level of care - though my baseline is actually higher than "usual" - and then let people gain or lose care based on their actions. A lot of people are ass-hats. A lot. But there are lots of hidden gems out there, too.

There is little in the world more satisfying than thanking the overnight clerk at the White Hen for doing their job. Seriously. I've gotten all-out hugs for saying, "Thanks for working the late shift. Now I have chips, and I'm happy, and thank you for being willing to work so folks like me can buy chips at 1am."

I love the little pay-it-forward moments of life. Just one act of kindness when people expect even neutrality can make all the difference.