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led astray

January 2013

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Again I hit that place wherein I don't count if I have clothes on.  Disinterest in even my friendship.  I didn't know how angry I could still get about that shit.  It had been a while.  I tried.  I suppose it takes away any threat of breaking my vow.  The threat wasn't that big to begin with, as disinterest in me as a sexual partner had already been established.  I've been in a bubble of friendship and safe space.  I forgot how much people can suck.  I forgot that people really do that kind of thing to each other. 

Had trouble sleeping last night, so in a fit of stupid o'clock, I went online and jokingly proposed to Seth Green.  :-P


People can definitely suck. You're definitely not worth any less because you are choosing celibacy.
My major problem is that girl = sex or girl doesn't exist.
I can relate. Your genitalia does not indicate your worth, or how you are worthy.
I agree - chosing celibacy does not make you worth anything less than anyone else.
People who do think that are not worth your time.

I admire you for taking this more difficult path, most people don't. Most people don't take the time out to learn more about themselves and learn to love themselves before being with someone else.

Oh and FYI - Seth Green is on tour with Robot Chicken this week, they're going to roller skating rinks across the country - tonight their in Philly and tomorrow NYC ;) I would totally do a road trip if I was in the area :(
I know! I wish I could go!

Thanks. (((hug)))