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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

mostly knitting update


So I've been knitting, but lazy about taking pics.    And about finishing projects, such as the almost done hat and the almost done doll accent and the working girl fingerless gloves


.  I'm hoping that making these things public I can shame myself into getting them done, because really they would take half an hour and there is NO reason I haven't done it.  To begin: unfinished hat. 
     Then we move on to  the project I am calling lace gone awry.  This little ditty started out as one of the shawl attempts.  I fucked something up and instead of a rectangle, I created a lopsided triangle??  Well, shit.  Back to the pattern book.  I am fond of this, and I plan to use it to cover my tattoo at work by sewing it onto a hair tie.  That is what this next piece was designed to do.  Success was moderate with bobbi pins.  Probably need to attach this to something more permenantly.    This next one, made from maizy corn & nylon sock yarn works much better.    As shown here.    It's good for summer weather, breathable, light and I *think* corn wicks.  And then there's this, which I love, but haven't found a good way to secure.  Need a big brooch, like a cameo or something to pin it in front.    Detail:   You can see some of the sparkle in this shot.  It's 2 strands of black cotton rope and 1 strand of black/silver shimmery something.  Elegant, if I can make it stay put.  Maybe I should startch it.

I've been drinking lots of lemon water and detox tea and my tummy is starting to behave.  The weather has been gorgeous the last few days.  I'm probably headed to casa de Scarn for food on sticks.  Unless it rains.