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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

ick and irk

I'm feeling ill the last couple days.  I didn't go on the cruise, and I didn't go see sistahraven.  The only thing I can think of that's upsetting it (because I have been very careful lately about what I'm taking in) is the dietary changes.  I'm not putting as much junk in and replacing it with wholesome things.  But I think (and I'm not pretending to be qualified) my body is kind of happy about this change and it's releasing the badness that it was holding on to in my fat cells and I'm sort of detoxing from bad food.  Again, it's a guess.  If I'm right, hooray, but ick in the mean time.

And I stayed home today.  I'm watching a suprisingly interesting and sympathetic documentary about President Carter's 2006 book tour.  And I am of course knitting.  Tink has learned to embrace the Machines of Air Regulation and will happily sit with us in the AC and fans running.  But of a sudden, she decided I had knit enough and it was time to brush her.  I was/am in the middle of a pattern row.  Now I understand that Tink doesn't know she's interrupting, but I tried to give her brief scritches until I finished the row, and then was going to get up and brush her.  So our "Special" girl got clever.  She saw what my hands were doing that was not brushing Tink and tried to eliminate the obstacle.  She chewed through the lace weight baby alpaca yarn I'm using.  I know, cats and yarn are famous friends.  Tink has rarely if ever shown interest in my yarn, and it's everywhere.  She could have gotten it and rolled it all around and covered the apartment with it.  No, she just wanted mommy's attention.  And now she's pouting because I'm LJing, which is still not petting her.