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led astray

January 2013

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oh yeah?

the goods, i haz them

This week has been really good so far.  I still haven't gotten pics from my sister, but I imagine she's busy, what with being a working wife, mom, and soon to be mom X2.  Work has been decent, despite me having to take periodic breaks to write during the day to keep awake.  Soon I will have my degree and I'll see if I can't find something a bit more lucrative and brain-using.  I'm starting to see some weight loss.  I'm not crazy fad dieting.  I'm eating smaller portions of better food.  I ballooned after finding new, awesome meds and eating as much of everything I could just because it tastes good to be alive.  But now that I don't fit in most of my clothes, I'm reining it in,  stopping when I've had enough.

Tonight is the work sponsored harbor cruise, complete with free food and free booze.  :-)
Tomorrow I'm visiting sistahraven.  :-D

I have restarted the shawl/wrap thing yet again.  I hope I have found a pattern that I can sustain this time.  It's sticky and gross.  I need a shower. 

*edited to add*  In happy kitty news, we have found a food that solves Tink's pooping rocks problem!  Hooray!  It's not just old cat forumla, but old cat AND for sensitive kitty systems. 


EEEEEEEE! Get to see you tomorrow! :) Can you drop me an e-mail with your preferred train-coming-up time? That way I know whether to get the car in the morning, or on his lunch break. :D Wooot.

And woot on not fad dieting. Fad dieting just doesn't work. Portion control and addressing the issues which cause overeating works like a charm. I feel you on the medication-related eating. One med I was on both increased my enjoyment of food *and* made it easier to gain weight. Doh!
Afternoon. I need to do a bit of laundry in the morning.
WOOT. This means I can sleep in, and this is good. :D