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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

reset, refresh

Weekend: accomplished.  Friday night, HtM came out to see us!  He got here around 11:30 and showed me some computer game that consisted of several versions of a racing game, wherein the track was determined by analyzing the peaks and valleys of a piece of music visually.  We finally tore our eyes away at 2:30am.  Saturday HtM brought us to Target and we got an AC for the living room and insulated curtains.  It was beautiful.  I stitched my curtains and put them on rods so now they look more like curtains and less like stretched animal skins.  I didn't have an asthetic problem with them, but it was a pain when the tacks came out, as often happened when letting light in.

I finally plugged in my recording equipment and recorded for about an hour's worth of me doing pseudo DJing.  Playing music and talking about the songs.  I haven't listened to it and I will probably erase it.  It was mostly to get me used to using the equipment.  I have ideas for demo recordings and an actor website complete with mp3 voiceovers.  Yyyyeah, I'll need some help with that.  Anyone know anything about PC based audio recording??

I'm getting to like being alone.  Really and truly single, not single and dating.  Just me and me.  It's amazing the ammount of time I have when I'm not worrying about pleasing someone else.  No nerves, no drama.  I don't have to weigh what someone else might want when I make plans.  Last night, for example, I watched movies on my laptop and stitched curtains.  That was the plan.  I didn't rush.  I took as long as I took and watched at least one movie that would have held very little interest to most of my local friends.  The big proud bit being that I went from idea, to preparation, to execution, to completion.  It seems so simple, but it's not easy.  I started and finished a project that was just for me.

At this point I think I'm rambling.

I miss sis and niece.  It was kinda neat to have them around.  I wish they lived locally.  I'd like to be able to go hang out with them and then go home at night.  My apartment was a bit snug for all of us.  And it was akward as a tangent to my recent reclaiming of personal space and sanctuary.  I've been a bit of a hermit lately.  But I'm not hiding under a rock.  I'm taking the time to get to know me that I never took before.  It's good alone time.  Much needed.


:) I'm glad you're beginning to really love being you. :)