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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


It's hot.  And humid.  And I have to clear off the AC.  Hoyce is going out with some work friends this evening and I am not sure I can lift the unit by myself.  :-/  I'm excited to go to work if for no other reason than they have AC they overcompensate with.  My poor Tink.  She's hot too, but she's afraid of the AC because it's loud.  I have been making sure to brush her a little every day.  She forgives me for having company in her bed. 

The week of visiting was pretty good.  I was stressed at times and I am used to a lot more privacy.  It was good to see sis and get to know my niece.  She's a good kid.  Little smartass, but she gets it honest.  I'm proud of myself.  I think I was good with her.  I was scared sometimes, but overall it was ok.  Sis is doing a good job raising her and that always makes me feel better about humanity.  I didn't get a lot of sister time because her life is family oriented nowadays.  I'm glad that she's happy being a mom, but seeing the changes and sacrifices she has had to make reinforces my desire to remain childless.  I am far too selfish for that life.

The last couple days have been rough, as I try to play catch up with sleep, but fail because of the heat.  I got a lot of exercise and havestarted to lose a bit of girth, but there is still a long way to go.

Time to go take a shower.  I'm dripping sweat.  It's gross.



Feel free to drop me a line if you still need AC help

Guess the subject line says it all pretty much.

Would be happy to assist :) Be well...