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led astray

January 2013

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Type your cut contents here.The lead up:  I got a text out of the blue.  It's twice forwarded "for a good time call 800(petname my mother uses to refr to my stepfather).  Er,wtf?  I text back that I think someone got his phone (mother).  I got a text back that my sister's number was (blah).  Er, more wtf, but not totally out of line.  The I text asking about a bicycle he had offered to give me last time he was in the area and got one word answers that sounded like how he would respond.  Maybe mother didn't take it.  I suggest he bring my sister up to see me next time he went to visit his kid.  Nothing.  I figure he's fallen asleep, as he tends to work night shifts to avoid seeing mother.  Day goes on, panic subsides.  Crash at work from morning panic.  Call Hoyce's girl on the way to therapy to ask her to order for me at pizza/movie night.  Sometime between therapy and the end of Deathproof (LOVEIT) I got a phonecall from an unnamed number.  Maybe it's that call I've been waiting for.  Message.  Cool.  ... "Don't be mad at Glen.  I took his phone and I won't keep this number.  I wanted to tell you that I'm glad you thought about your sister.  She's 16 and could use a friend right now.  She hates her mother, justlike...*click*  Well, fuck.   


::big safe hugs:: Fucking cunt. BullSHIT she won't keep the number for when she's drunk and looking to lash out.

::big momma bear snarls in her direction::