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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


Good vibes sent. 
Good vibes received.
End transaction.

Sometimes, bitch needs to have some time to be crazy.  Right now, bitch be a little off.  I'm going to try something.  I'm going to make a commitment.  I make a choice with conviction.  I've pondered taking vows before.  Rarely have I stuck to anything.  I know I can't always be treated gently and expect to learn anything.  I will go for 1 full year, starting today, without sex.  I marked my calander.  I really want to know what's in here if I take away the distraction, what happens if I take control of what I allow to drag me down.  Getting rid of my outer demons has been rough, but I finally have an environment where I feel I can safely battle some of the inside-type demons.  Expect rambling entries as I figure out what roles sex doesn't play in my life, and see if I can't sort out a few more.


Wow. Kudos to trying out celibacy! Just remember that one year is a goal, and that any amount of time you stay celibate is still important, even if a year is a tall order.
(((hug))) I'm going to need all the support and well-wishes I can get. I'm scared.
*hugs* Proud of you. That's a big thing to realize and strive for.

In the mean time though, self fun is a good thing. I was at a For Your Pleasure party last night and had such a fun time, I'm going to book a party myself. (Because toys are f*ing expensive, and booking a party means I get free stuff!) Should be August/September, which is just about when a new toy would be really appreciated and right about your birthday if you came and saw something you wanted but couldn't afford... ;-)

(If that wouldn't be too much of a temptation of course. Not exactly sure how the "celibacy" thing is defined when it's between two women...)
It means anyone who isn't me says away from my bits.
I think one of those parties would be fun. :-)