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led astray

January 2013

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chill and warm

First: Hooray Summer!!!  I'm taking a walk today, just because it's flipping gorgeous outside!  Maybe I'll go over to the park even.

Things have calmed down some, but last week was a baaaaaad week.  There was drama to deal with and financial drama to scare the crap out of me, and more drama.  There were months in there with little to no drama and it was so nice.  I think the recent drama is sufficiently dealt with and life should be drama-free once more.

D&D was keen.  Got lots of plot stuff sorted out and we're ready for the next chapter.  Quinn (my human wizard) had a badass moment when she took flight while hasted and Tenser-transformed (spell that makes me a warrior for a while) and charged the quarterback.  To be fair, he was hacking at an angel with a nasty evil sword and I could get to him fastest.  I was knitting while it wasn't my turn at battle, as usual (Paladar's fingerless gloves) and I dropped one of my #2 needles into the chair between the cushion and the arm.  Then I knocked it into the land of the never to be seen again inside of the chair structure, so I had to stop.  And now I need to get a new set of needles, as the rest of my #2s are dpn, while what I am working on is being worked flat.  *sigh* 

And I think I'm going to put my LARP gear away for a while so I can concentrate more on my real life.  I don't think it will be a permanant stop to all things LARP.  I just don't have the energy or motivation to get my shit together and maintain other personas right now.  Maybe a year, maybe 2.  I don't hate it.  I still have fun at games.  It's just gotten overwhelming to be responsible for the lives of my characters and I need a break.  Not to mention the floorspace I'll get back when I pack it up.

The outside is calling.  I go play outside now!


Here's hoping the drama eases up!

With the lost #2 needle - any chance you have a needle cap? Even just an eraser jabbed on the end can hold your stitches on until you can get another normal needle. Or - if I see you before you buy new ones, you can borrow my 2s.
I have some, but they're for sizes 6-10. But thanks. :-)
Which chair and which side? I have reclaimed things from the land of never to be seen again before. I can try to get your needle back.
The chair that faces the couch, on the right side if you're facing the chair. Revenant tried to get it. Maybe you'll have better luck. Thanks.