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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

your cute a-splode

In an explosion of cuteness, Tink has accepted the new stuffy (alpaca fur bear!).  Paladar cleaned my room while I was making dinner, including making the bed.  Stuffies were out on top of the covers.  This morning at 5:30 Tink decided she was going to starve all to death and got me up to feed her.  Then she tucked me back in.  She looked at new stuffy (as yet unnamed), started grooming him, then curled up to snuggle with him! 

Sunburn is feeling better.  Summer came out for a few hours yesterday evening, but today we're back to good ol' cool and cloudy.  *sigh*    And today is envelope stuffing at work.  I should switch out some of my cds.  The ones I have in my travel case are tired.  Thursday I'm going to write and knit.  I finished the baby hat for the guy at work.  He loves it.  :-)  I took pictures of Soolie in the hat, but I probably won't get them posted until Thursday.  I know it's soft enough for baby head because I tested it out on my sunburn.  That's one stylin' baby today.  Dude wanted to hug me, but in a very PC managerial fashion he gave me a firm handshake.  And that's fine.  I prefer hugs, but the office isn't really the place for that sort of thing.  And sunburn.

Today: work, therapy, Star Wars, bed.  We need a bigger casserole dish.  The one we have doesn't make enough potato casserole to provide leftovers.  :-/ 


Aww, kyoot.
"The one we have doesn't make enough potato casserole to provide leftovers. :-/ "

I think it would have if we both weren't so hungry that we had two big ass bowls...