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led astray

January 2013

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It burns us!

The sunburn, I has it.  Went to Suffolk Downs today for my first ever horse race with Hoyce and some other friends.  The real draw for me was the Phantom Gourmet BBQ "beach" (a sandbox [no, really]) party.  There, I found the remains of Old McDonald's farm and ate them.  And a pastry(?) that was cannolli filling covered in caramel, dipped in chocolate, then rolled in butter crunch crumblies.  That was fucking tasty.  It almost beat out the affectionately named "Satan's Hot Dog" (a hot dog the size of 5 hot dogs on a bun with cheese and topped with pulled pork) because Sam insisted that the devil had a hand in making anything that good (and bad for you).  That was also pretty f'n tasty.  Once half the race track was obscured by the roiling clouds outside, several of us decided it was time to go home.  Now I ca't decide whether to play a video game or watch a movie.  Life's full of tough choices.  Ha!

Knitting news: The flowerpot didn't turn out quite the way I imagined.  The foliage is too heavy and limp.  I will revisit the nearly complete hat after the adorable bonnet I started when the other one got flubbed.  I want to have something to hand him on Monday, even if it's not the gag hat.  I consider it cheap advertisement.  Lots of young professionals having kids these days.