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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

rain, rain

I know I live by the sea.  I would like more than one dry day in a row.  This is the kind of day (just like yesterday) I want to stay home and clean.  Yesterday was Very Productive.  And I want to clean more (*boggle*).  But I damn sure don't want to go sit in a windowless office and not smell the rain and not get my room clean (and more of the kitchen and the floors and...).  Oh, and brush my Tink.  I found her brush under a pile of clothes.  She is very happy about that.  She's not so happy with the idea of me going to work.  No more than I am.

And as I sit here procrastinating, I developed a great idea of what to knit for my sister's baby.  Baby Tube!  Like a tube sock that snaps up and has a hood! 

Oh, there is so much I want to read and knit.  I haven't been knitting lately, but not for lack of desire.  I've been pleasantly distracted.  But I will get some knitting time next week!!  Oh yes, there willbe knitting.

I wish I had been feeling better for Caldaria.  I saw several awesome people briefly that I really miss and would love to spend more time with.  I was wiped.  Caught up on some sleep, which was good.  There are more comfortable places to rest, body.  You could have told me Before I got to CT that you were going to crap out on me.  Meh.  Well, and other good things came out of the weekend.  :-) 

Ok, I cannot call out of work today.  I was out Wednesday for mental anguish and tummy badness.  Urge To Clean doesn't count as a Good Reason to stay home from work.  Not with as poor as I am.


Baby tubes are awesome! I've seen little baby cocoons, too, for swaddling. They're great :)

We'll see you again soon, I'm sure. Our weekends are finally less hectic, and we'll find a day to either come down, or we'll import you for the day :) Druid passed along what might be the other good thing from the weekend, and there was much rejoicing.
I would like to point out that you knew you were included in the people I want to see more of. (((hug))) ;-)

And Druid heard correctly. :-D
I know, huh? Working on feeling my self-worth is actually starting to feel less like work, and more like something I should naturally have. :)