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led astray

January 2013

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the fun, it doesn't stop

I'm slowly whittling away badness.  Got a really close spiral yesterday that brushed up against a huge dust bunny of crazy hidden in a corner.  That was scary.  I went home and got stoned, and felt much better about the whole day.  Then I went to play Star Wars.  Interpersonal drama is much more amusing when I'm not directly involved, so I had a blast watching the other players fuck themselves over, and over, and over.  Body has a new decree: Cool it with the pepperoni.  Noted.  I lost my brandy new pack of birth control pills at site.  $150 down the drain.  Fun! 

Paladar is picking me up from work tonight (huzzah) and we're going to watch some Deadwood. 

Tink is getting old.  :-/

Med doc this morning.  He's going to scold me for smoking pot.  *shrug*  He'll get over it.  So will I.  Damn, but I don't want to go anywhere today.   

My room is still a death trap.  Paladar said she would help me with it this weekend.  *beam*  She doesn't know what she's in for.  She is only just begining to understand how deep my messiness runs! 

I have a David Lynch movie and a French Indie film from Netflix and I need to watch them so I can get some more fun and exciting (and popcorn) movies that I can watch and knit at the same time.

**later: I skipped out on my appointment( er, called and canceled) , thanks to pepperoni badness.  I'm going to play some Civ 3 for a while and see if things settle before I make concrete decisions about going to work.   I need the money, boy howdy.  I used to have an iron stomach (not counting New Years and Halloween parties). 


Are you puking? Cuz if you're puking, I'm not coming over! :-(

Seriously, I do hope you feel better. And I'll bet your pills fell between the mattress and bed frame at the site. You should try calling the site people, or Walt and see if they can find them in that cabin before a bunch of kids show up.

I'll talk to you later! Tell Paladar I said hi, she seems nice. And I'll bet she has a good idea of how messy your world can get! ;-)
By the way, that's a beautiful black and white photo!