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led astray

January 2013

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do what?

leave the house?

It's gorgeous out.  Tink is out of food.  I need to go to Petco and get her some old cat food.  Laaaaaaaazy!  I tore up some turkey lunchmeat Hoyce has in the fridge, but I'm not sure she knows what to do with it.  I'll be getting the old cat bag of dry fod and supplemental cans, because my poor girl is painfully constipated again.  The switch to old cat formula only helped for a little while.  She gets fresh water every day.  I don't think she drinks much of it though.  I might have to relocate her food/water dish to my rom.  She's terrified of eating in the kitchen.  We don't know why.  Even if it's just me and Tink in the house, she's very wary of going in the kitchen.  My sweet, not so bright kitty.

Getting to a complicated part in the stole.  I don't like working from charts.  Do I really feel like typing out the instructions for all three lace patterns involved as line-by-line instructions??  I feel like doing squat today, honestly.


For kitty constipation - mixing canned, unsweetened pumpkin into her food (a teaspoon would be enough) can help. Also, for water - a few dishes over the house, and wide and shallow dishes as well. Kitties HATE when their whiskers touch the side of the bowl, and it can make all the difference with some kitties.
Huh. I wonder if she'll eat it.

Oh! I wonder if you can figure this one out. Boo will test her water with her back paw. She walks up to the bowl and a little past it, then sticks a back paw in the water, shakes it off, repeats a few times, then turns around to drink it. *boggle* hehehe
Most cats test it with their front paws, but back paws are just another way of doing it - they're checking for temperature, pretty much. Cool water = fresh water, so most cats test to see if the water is cool or warm