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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

nero stuff

Issy had a great weekend. That means I too had a great weekend. Not the same as last time when Issy had a miserable time, but I had a great time being miserable. It was a great affirmation event for her. She got in more people's good graces, found a path where people said there was none, didn't kill anything, had deep conversations (I have decided the times Issy can do that best is when she's hallucinating), sold some jewlery (some people still owe me money [Rhys and Riddick!]), attempted negotiations to get Enko a race change scroll, and in general roleplayed my ass off. It was so great. Issy feels so good about the Kurzinor defeat, she's going to write a song. That means I have to write a song that I feel comfortable enough to perform. It has to be a tavern song, a stomping, clapping, catchy, sing-along type song. I have a basic rythm structure in my head, and I might steal or modify a tune that's been stuck in my head since the event, so that leaves words and pitch. And practice. Which means I have to get it done soon. And hope it's good enough that people will want to sing it with me. In the tavern. Around the fire. Man, that would be awsome.

The only bad part (weather excluded) was during the last wave battle. When we got the the field, I was hidden in the brush and ran out behind the enemy line (for like the first time ever) and was about to score a few waylays when I tripped (graceful, I know) and tumbled over, hurting my neck and dizzying myself. It also put me under the feet of the combatants. I called a hold, twice, as loud as I was able, but no one heard me. Luckily, they muct have thought I had fallen IGly, so no one pummeled me with pipe. All I could do was curl up and wait for them to pass. That sucked. I needed to collect myself and assess the damage before continuing to fight. By that time, the battle had moved past me and I was again in friendly territory, so I was able to do that. My neck is really tight and sore and hurty today, even after an Aleve.


*hug* It was so good to see you!! Sorry I got sick...next time, we'll play more!
(((hug))) You too! You get better real soon and come back to see us.
Ack! I didn't give you a gold then and there? ::scratches head:: Sorry! You have my full permission to beat on me.

Just... um... don't send Scarn to rough Rhys up. ;)


You're right! You did pay me right then and there. I was wondering where that gold piece came from! LOL See how functional I am before breakfast?
I'm sorry no one heard your hold; combat is loud sometimes :-(

Issy is going to get rich off her beaded goods! I had a great event hanging out with you; thanks for putting up with Mori following you around :-) See you in three weeks...

(((hugs))) It's ok. Had I broken anything, they would have heard me on the other side of town!

Thanks for comming with me everywhere. It's fun to have a partner in giggily girliness.