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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

easy? no. simple? yes.

So it's not just me and Hoyce.  There was a moment today wherein 3 parties tried to get together and Hang.  The plans, simple as they were, didn't get solidified until the day of the Hanging.  Then, about half an hour before the scheduled time, the plans went on a safari to the outer reaches of left field before landing right back where and when they started.  *boggle*    I know lots of cat people.  I think we're only opposible thumbs away from herding cats. 

Y.U.M.  This is the summation of the words I could use to describe the yarn I got from Webs.  Baby Alpaca Lace.  *drool*  Soooooooo soooooft.  I imagine if someone could knit with cloud fluff it would feel as good as this.  I have completed the cast on and the first instruction.  Too tired to get started on the next part because I'll have to pay attention.  Tangent...

My sister is going to come up near the end of July with my niece.  She's 8 or 9 I think.  I am, and this is a doozie, looking forward to hanging with her and possibly teaching her how to knit.  And maybe get some of my child-bearing friends to join us on Boston adventures!  I really miss my sister.  We've been through some rough shit, both alone and together.  It's no suprise we're close.  But this other experience, and don't anyone dare mock me (negative reinforcement), but I kinda want to hang out with the kid, too.

On that note, it's late, and Tink has come to fetch me for bed.


Woot. Would love to come into the city with Druid and Boo for family-friendly visiting and wanderings.